With no beating about the bush, let’s get stuck in to…   Rule Number 1: DO NOT COMPARE YOUR EXPERIENCE, YOUR FEELINGS, YOUR STORY WITH OTHER NEW MAMAS.   My wonderful son, Jacobi, turned 6… View Post

Social media. What’s so great about it? It’s arguable that social media plays a vital role in business marketing in todays society, and that the “networking” social media provides is key to success on both a personal… View Post

Hello everyone and welcome to my first blog post about pregnancy. I’m currently sat in bed suffering from severe post-cup of tea hot flush and wondering how I’m going to conceptualise 20 weeks of pregnancy… View Post

Good morning everyone and Happy Easter! My name’s Kate and I’ve started this blog partly as procrastination from my dissertation… no, no, in all seriousness… I’ve started it because I feel passionate about challenging attitudes… View Post